Bamboo Flooring






Bamboo Flooring in Milford, CT

Why Buy Bamboo Flooring?

Bamboo is a great alternative to other hard surfaces. When stranded, it can even be harder than wood floors – the stability of this product is superior! Not to mention, bamboo flooring can also be better for the environment. Bamboo matures in 5.5 years, whereas woods can take up to 30 years or more to reach maturity. This makes bamboo a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers who are concerned about sustainability. As a bamboo flooring dealer in Milford CT, we’re proud to offer an environmentally responsible product!

What Types of Bamboo to Buy?

Teragren Bamboo, the leader in this market, is Ultimate Interiors first choice. With Teragren, bamboo is mechanically pressed with superior resins so the highest quality floor can be produced. Many other manufacturers hand press their bamboo with inferior resins. This makes for uneven floors, allowing unwanted air pockets to retain moisture. Delamination is also a problem with these inferiors processes. Teragren flooring surpasses every other manufacturer – you get what you pay for! When looking for a bamboo flooring dealer in Milford CT, look no further than Ultimate Interiors. Contact us today, so we can help you make the right decision when purchasing your new flooring.