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Ultimate Interiors – Your Premier Carpet Flooring Dealer in Milford, CT

Why use carpeting?

Today’s fibers are far superior to the products we saw on the market just a few years ago. Not only are they softer, but they are easier to clean and more durable. Our latest patterns and textures invite you to sit on the floor and enjoy the softness. Recycled materials have increased the stain resistance more than ever. As your premier carpet flooring dealer in Milford, CT, Ultimate Interiors is happy to guide you when finding a new carpeting. So stop in and check out our great wearing stain resistant carpets today!

There is no substitute for a knowledgeable sales person.

At Ultimate Interiors, we have an experienced sales staff to point you in the right direction and help you find the perfect product for your home or office. As a knowledgeable carpet flooring dealer in Milford, CT, we’re here to help you in any way we can!

Let Us Answer Your Questions About “GREEN” Carpet and Flooring Options

The “GREEN” movement has quickly become more than an environmental thing. It has become a fashion of its own. Flooring is no different. We feature a wide variety of flooring that is recycled from our own recycle bins at home. It’s cool to see our recycling efforts at home come full circle and be used in our homes again. 

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